Harry’s Kindness!

Looking for some spiritual upliftment on this summer day? Look (and listen!) no further!  So much exuberance in a song that simply wishes that we all treat each other well. Pop culture sustains me, and this triumphant tune is fun, too!

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Years ago, I hardly noticed the teen band One Direction. Lately, I’d heard of Harry Styles, but couldn’t tell you one of his songs. Then, his new song, As It Was, showed up on my smartphone’s playlist, “Hits 2022.” Who is this guy? I wondered. The next thing I know, I downloaded “Harry Styles Essentials.” And that is the true tale of how this Gen X’er discovered this delight from 2019, entitled “Treat People with Kindness,” or TPWK as it is referred to online. I dare you not to smile listening to it!

Even in my foulest moods, I cannot help but grin with absolute certainty at this simple, happy, soulful message. The joyful video with Harry and his fellow performers floating, singing, and smiling at us certainly isn’t hard on the eyes, either! Harry’s boyish handsomeness is charming.

The single never topped the charts, but in light of tensions around the world and in the United States these days regarding Ukraine, Black Lives Matter, Covid, Roe v Wade, gun violence and it being an election year, for starters, I suggest clicking on the video link (if you haven’t already) to help you lighten up, breathe, and take a break.

In fact, in 2019 when TPWK was released, a call for personal reflection was created in an eye-catching “Do you know who you are?” poster campaign which caused quite a stir when the signs appeared in major international cities around the globe. Fans knew that the question was linked to TPWK! At approximately the same time, Styles launched a subsequent website to celebrate World Mental Health Day. I could not find its existence with a quick internet search, so if you find it, please let us know.

Personally, Harry’s TPWK message resonates with me because I do simple loving kindness meditations regularly. They have revolutionized my mindset, one day at a time. Yes, Harry suggests we treat people with kindness, but I always remember it starts with me, gently, and slowly.

But life is serious enough! “Just keep dancing!” Harry sings in TPWK and it’s a message to all us creatives— whether we are dancers, singers, artists, writers, gardeners, or whatever title you give yourself— to pause, sing along, and have fun.

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