To Daybreak, With Love

Ever work a cool gig in human services? Then this blog’s for you!

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I started at Daybreak Adult Day Services three years ago.

I had been a teacher for almost twenty years and knew I needed a break from working with children. I have always loved history and listening to “old people,” tell stories. I grew up listening to my father’s friends talk about the ‘good ol’ days’ with more interest than other children. Even recently, living downtown, I am fortunate to have elderly neighbors who differ in their levels of activity, but I enjoy their tales of wisdom and experience. A dear old friend once told me that I had an “old soul.” Perhaps.

So I emailed or called the Daybreak center in 2019 to see which types of jobs were available. I didn’t understand the titles exactly… there were some types of assistant positions I thought might work, but they also had a position open for a bus driver.

Bus driver? Hmm.

Daybreak has a small fleet of shuttle buses we use to traverse Frederick and most of the outlying towns in the county. We go around daily in the morning and pick up the elderly and disabled, and then return them to their homes in the late afternoon. It’s so fun!

At first, I was a little intimidated by the shuttle bus size, but I had been doing work for Lyft and Uber, so I was used to using GPS apps to find riders.

Anyway, after being trained to drive, park, and turn around, as well as how to help Daybreak participants on and off the bus, I was on my way! And I never looked back. My three years with a fantastic boss, coworkers, participants, and their families is at an end. But I will never forget it.

Thank you for letting me take you for a ride! And trusting me to do my job.

Our conversations, singing, and fun we have on the bus— and at the center— carry on!

Take care, Daybreak Adult Day Services of Frederick!!!

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