Poetry for Grey November Days

The leaves are falling fast here in Maryland with the blustery weather. Keep warm!

#poetry #susanstrasser #susanstrasserblog #amwriting


Leftover rain droplets pool on the tossed, upturned leaves-

A few rebels stick upright between boughs of the shrubbery,

All curled brown and yellow fellows who were not on the green prickles a week ago.


Second Breakfast…

Usually taken at the kitchen island or table but instead, I indulged myself in eating in my recliner. (t.v. tray is handy)

Water, coffee, two napkins, my nuked egg sandwich, and the latest LL Bean catalog. (my phone was in my pocket).

I charge my batteries before the onslaught, the ride, the unknown, the plans, the fun, the cartoons, the chores, the writing, the time that is us and which is me before the 48 hours or so known as the weekend descends.


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