At Lunch

What are you doing for lunch? I have grand plans

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At lunch, I hope to post to my chat group.

(right now I don’t because if my phone was here instead of my laptop I might not write.)

At lunch, I may put out our American flag for Veterans Day.

(some might judge me for waiting until then, but oh well)

At lunch, I will eat my usual salad and sandwich.

(I love salads and hardly ever get tired of them. What’s your favorite?)

At lunch, I will read some more of last weekends’ Art and Style section of the Washington Post because it is my favorite section of the newspaper.

(I love the arts, and we scored Hamilton tickets for next year just the other day! YAY!)

At lunch, I will look out the windows from my dining room table and see what reflects on the glass tabletop.

(Often, on blue-skied days like this, I can see its reflection. Never ceases to amaze me : – ) )

At lunch, as I finish, I will probably not leave a bite because it will be tasty.

(I’m a recovering member of the sometimes-Clean Plate Club lol)

After lunch, I will rinse my dishes and nuke some leftover coffee.

(Because coffee is life, and a cup accompanies most of my day.)

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