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Mental Health Awareness Month continues…

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…And I am humbled by the fact that my latest therapist did not work with my current insurance and I had to say farewell to yet another trusted individual counselor, at least for now. Those words are really important: For Now.

How many times has my literal or black and white thinking told me (fed by fear, no doubt!) that a seemingly sad ending IS FOREVER. Or, has my bipolar hopped onboard and reinforced that notion as well? Oh nooooooo……

The latest headlines about the elementary school shooting in Texas. Or the mass shooting two weeks ago in New York. The plague of racism in our country as the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death is remembered this week. Where is the Black Lives Matter movement for you? Or how do you feel about the panels and legal proceeedings of those who participated in the January 6, 2021 insurrection?

My head can spin over it all!

So, I have a tremendous support system of family and friends as well as courage to boot, but you know what will continue to truly sustain me about six days a week?


This blog. My book.

The therapist search problem above? It’s yet another situation to throw into the fire— i.e., “irons in the fire”— along with two more my husband and I were talking about this morning. How many things can we squeeze around our day jobs? I can get so overwhelmed. The kids, the cats, my meetings, summer vacations, my new writers’ group…

I don’t have a particular topic for this blog or anything, but I’m here writing anyway. Are you a writer? Can you relate? Or if you’re a creative person, you know how when you do what you are meant to do, it grounds you? Knitting, painting, arranging flowers, you name it! Time disappears. Writers Sara Ban Breathnach and Glennon Doyle remind me in my readings of Love Warrior and Simple Abundance this week to keep my passions alive. That it might be tough to make my writing, or your art, or music, whatever yours is a — priority, but as we see, we need to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves sane. We need to slow down and do what matters to us.

I read something once that said that the Yurok Indians believe when we are true to ourselves, there is no conflict. When I am doing what I am meant to do, following my dreams, and being who I am meant to be I achieve that goal.

So do these two things: see if you can find 15-30 minutes a day for your passion and your authenticity and another 15 minutes to take care of yourself. That is my final mental health month message this month.

Or just try one of these today.

In addition to your creative pursuits, don’t forget that simple self-care i.e., Mental Health Care 101: things such as a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, reading a book, taking a bath, taking a walk, making yourself your favorite drink… or even better, scheduling that vacation! We deserve it.

Had a Covid scare in your home lately? Got worked up about the news? I know. I’m an INFJ-T (Intuitive, Introverted, Feeling ((passionate!)), Judgemental, Turbulent) personality, and coupled up with my sensitive, bipolar nature, I get ALOT of feelings going on at several times of the day. And the real world is not equipped to handle us at its fast pace. So, one of the most surefire ways to deal with this is… yes, write! (And take some good deep breaths lol)

Talking and texting and relating with others about what’s going on with Ukraine or elections or buying more dumb home test kits?

Covid. Talk about mental health awareness! What a way to turn our world upside down. A pandemic unlike any we’d seen in a century. Who thought we’d still be dealing with this two years later? And how I loathe that phrase “new normal.” I do not like this new normal, I would like the new normal back, please!

I take time to cry and let my head spin for a few minutes; I find it, and I grieve it. America in 2022 looks nothing like America in 2002, and as an INFJ-T, etc., I’ve got to feel the feelings as we say in my meetings, process it, and reacclimate to whatever’s going on at the moment.

For now, I’m officially therapist-less, but I’m not alone. I work hard, and I’ll get a new one and make sure that my insurance works with them this time lol

We’re no good to others if we’re not good to ourselves.

It’s such a juggling act.

For now, I pledge to keep writing on my book and blog, or most days, to simply write. After all, summer is coming, and it’s a good time to lighten those schedules and play!

– Susan

p.s. Happy Memorial Day as well. Thank you, veterans, and all armed servicemen and women for your service.

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