Oscars: CODA, Lucy, & the Dog

Four weeks and counting! Which Oscar-nominated films and actors will win? Who is worthy of your precious time? Who knows?! You decide. This week I have three films worth a mention

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…each listed with a one-word description (for starters lol)

The Power of the Dog: haunting.

Being the Ricardos: unsettling.

CODA: heartwarming.

Let’s start with CODA! A heartwarming tale of Ruby, the only one in her family of four who is not deaf; she is a teenager who grew up with her older brother and parents as an assumed interpreter. Somehow, I just happened to watch this with my tween, Hazel, which made me really appreciate the dynamic between Ruby and her Mom. And guess what Ruby excels at? SINGING! Very much recommended. With a couple of nominations, the message of family growth and triumph is a fantastic tearjerker. STREAMING FOR FREE ON Apple TV.

The Power of the Dog is director Jane Campion’s latest masterful tragedy. Do you remember The Piano? Prepare to be immediately transported to another world in this one, too, as Oscar-caliber movies usually do! This rough, 1800s ranch life powerhouse, with cowboys portrayed by Jesse Plemmons and Benedict Cumberbatch leading the way, is rugged, violent, and abusive. The talented cast is rounded out with Kirsten Dunst and newcomer Kodi Smit-McPhee, all delivering performances (and ALL nominated for Oscars) that could indeed do quite an awards show sweep on March 27th! STREAMING FOR FREE ON Netflix… but, you’ve been warned.

Do you love to watch I Love Lucy reruns? You may or may not want to watch Being the Ricardos. I was intrigued to watch this backstory in the life of this groundbreaking, black and white sitcom because I love Nicole Kidman and have a love/hate relationship with actor Javier Bardem (I will never forgive him for being mean to James Bond lol!) Kidman and Bardem portray Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo, the dynamic duo who pioneered comedy. Kidman, as usual, is meticulous, in her complete character immersion; she is Lucille Ball in the recreated sketches and TV sets. Perfection. More intriguingly, the film delves into Ball’s supposed intimate, behind-the-scene interactions with her regular I Love Lucy cast: her husband and of course, “Fred” and “Ethel.”

Even more intriguing than realizing the fantastic amount of work that goes into creating a hit show, is the portrayal of Lucy’s fanatical perfectionism. Obviously, Ball had a natural gift for comedy, but Being the Ricardos and Ball’s untimely visions and intuitive sense? Spellbinding. STREAMING FOR FREE on Amazon Prime.

Readers, I hope you have one or more of these streaming services or are willing to spring for a real movie ticket! I may have to do so for Steven Spielberg’s rendition of West Side Story.

Grab your favorite snack, person, and or blanket and enjoy.

Until next week!


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