Holiday Health Check!

Got meds?

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Is anyone else really tired?

Today, I was on the phone with my pharmacy for the millionth time this year, using up at least 10 precious minutes of my lunchtime to refill my bipolar meds. It is so frustrating that my psychiatrist will not fill them for 3 months at a time! Every month, or it feels like every week, I’m re-ordering them or seeing if she has gone ahead and placed the order for me.

I just learned the other day that they refill in 90-day increments on her end, sometimes, but then, she has to place the next 90-day supply or blah blah blah

Then, for some reason, a couple of weeks ago, she hadn’t!

On top of that, because I cannot mail order the dumb meds, I have to stop by a CVS store at least once a month to get them. I know, I know—- “pick up a prescription.” It’s another errand, another time-suck…

Part of me knows that I should be grateful to have access to and the money to pay for my medication. A lot of people don’t! Can I blame it on the holidays? Working two part-time jobs? Being a Mom and Wife, too? Yes. Like everyone else, we’re all juggling. But I’m not alone.

Oh wait, that’s supposed to be jingling, isn’t it? My son, Liam, loves Jingle Bells!

But you know what helped?

A text chain back and forth with a new Mom of a friend of Liam’s. Her tone was so nice and warm! Something about her kindness and our exchange of photos helped turn my day around. Reminded me that there is another caring Mom just a few streets away who is excited to meet us, as we are them.

It is not my fault that I have a mental illness that affects my mood, energy, and mental clarity, and it is a lot of work to treat it effectively… make the run or stop after a long day of work at the pharmacy to pick up the medicine…or find out it’s not there! Then, there’s the email to my psychiatrist’s office, calling the pharmacy again to make sure it’s there this time, then repeating every 3-4 weeks…

I am worth it, but just for today, I wanted to say that I am tired. At least I have my favorite 12-step meeting tonight and emails and chat groups for support, too.

And Christmas preparations on top of our busy lives?

Well, I won’t lie, I look forward to life post-Christmas morning lol … being on my medicine, of course. Taking care of my mental health helps me be a better person for everyone, especially those I love most!

Jingle bells, jingle bells….

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