F*** Dust!

Do you ever watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

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I became a fan this summer while my other favorite shows were on hiatus.

It’s the early ‘60s. Sexism reigns supreme: Midge Maisel’s friends and family cannot everyone believe that she is serious about wanting to be a comedian or a working Mother. Then she does not welcome her husband back when he apologizes for cheating on her! Everyone is shocked.

It’s obvious that when he left her for another woman in Season 1, Episode 1, and then apologized and asked her to come back mid-season 1, something transpired in Midge. It was the moment when she realized that she did not need a man.

In Season 3, Episode 3, Midge chats with a new acquaintance, Carole, who happens to be a female bass player in the band Midge is touring with. The two talk about missing their children and homes. The bassist is a seasoned veteran, but it’s Midge’s first time being on the road away from her kids. In this closing scene, Midge has taken over the hotel’s kitchen and is cooking a brisket and making party food.

Obviously, both this female comedian and female bass player are ahead of their time. To not be a housewife back then was scandalous!

For three seasons, Midge has been peppered with people backstage asking her, “Are you the singer?”

Fellow male comedians (and even one renown, well-established female) generally do not respect her nascent career.

“What are you, a singer?”

“Comedian,” she responds.

Anyway, the bassist thanks Midge for cooking because she is sick of room service food. Midge tells her that it was as much for her as anyone because she was homesick, too.

“It’s not easy being on the road, but what else are we gonna do, stay home and dust? Fuck dust!” Carole yells.

Even today, don’t we female creatives all have something better to do?

Fuck dust, indeed!


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