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I follow a blog called iMOM, and one lately was about “What 40 Women Said They’d Wish They’d Known Before Turning 40.” So as I near the end of this lovely decade…

One of my favorites was:

“You can’t compete with a 20-year-old but guess what- she can’t compete with you either.”

And I thought about this both physically and life-experience-wise. I was at our last free summer concert of the season a few weeks ago, and the ska-style music had me in envy of the younger dancers who could pogo around the concrete “dance floor.” I said as much to my friend.

No more pogo-stick hopping around. Damn.

“Well, that time of your life is over”, she replied, matter-of-factly.

This reggae-ska band reminded me fondly of one that used to visit my college town in the ’90s, and I recall fondly jumping around like I was on a pogo stick without a thought; I just did it! I loved their one jam, “Little Nicky”, so much.

But in my 40s, I need to give my body a little more love and honor that my knee particularly is not a fan of such movements. Don’t get me wrong, I dance all the time, but need to groove in other ways. And there are so many! Wiggle, sway, wave, spin, step in all kinds of ways…

And life experience-wise?

Well, in my 20s, for starters, I was single without kids and living in another area. I was super-driven in my first 12-step fellowship, college, and starting a career.

Today, as a married mother of two kids, two cats, another recent job change, and newer-to-me 12-step fellowships, my perspective is drastically different than it was back when I spazzed around freely on a dance floor. Or is it?

After all, I still know that letting go and letting loose is always fun!

My love of writing, memoir, poetry, music, dance, children, animals, nature, girlfriends, and movies… is unchanged. But what it looks like at 49 is a whole lot different than it did at 29.

Who wants to compete anyway?

I sure don’t recognize these fine lines and grey hairs around my face some days, but what I’ve learned about loving myself and others through the decades?

I don’t know. The older I get the less I know. Oh! Wait! I know… let me put on some Lizzo, Harry, or Key 103 and not contemplate that while I boogie…


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