The Power of a Poem…or Two, or…

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“Poetry affords us a respite in which we may gather renewed strength for the old struggle to adapt ourselves to reality.”- Robert Haven Schauffler

THAT grabbed me! I started a new job lately, and my soul definitely needs its poetic breaks. But what’s a poet to do when they can’t hear the muse themselves?

ANSWER: …Read and enjoy my fellow bloggers’ poetry! I am part of a fabulous WordPress community and subscribe to dozens of fellow writers and poets myself. I keep a blog, subscribe to theirs, and BAM! Their musings appear in my inbox.

So, with their (mostly) permission (because I’m old-fashioned like that), today I am featuring them via links to their blogs. Also, if you’re not feeling poetry, most of these bloggers post other types of writing, too, on their sites. Enjoy exploring!

  1. Amethyst Magazine features consistently high-quality poetry that never disappoints:

2. Mr. Kaushal Kishore composes sometimes deceptively simple poetry that stops me in my tracks in addition to other writings.

3. Mr. Ben Alexander writes from Israel on a gamut of topics and experiments with different styles of poetry on The Skeptic’s Kaddish:

4. Witty and wandering epic odes await you by the Intellectual Shaman (or Poetry for Finding Meaning in the Madness) at I love the spot-on observations about life!

5. Last but not least, my simple list of recommendations would not be complete without K. Hartless’s Yard Sale of Thoughts. Check it out, and guarantee yourself concise, consistent poems that pack a punch:

Until next week…


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