Where is the roadmap for raising an adolescent?

#raisingadaughter #susanstrasserblog #amwriting #susanstrasser

Your blank t-shirts in monochromes:

The apricot and periwinkle ones are your favorites.

The comfy tops you selected

on Spring Clothes Shopping, Update-Your-Wardrobe-Day.

Macy’s. Great sales! Especially for them.

One and done.


My daughter

And her burgeoning self

So many facets,

An increasing mystery.

No clues will be revealed to me

Any longer by horse or sparkly unicorn graphics emblazoned upon your chest—

The apricot…

The periwinkle…that’s all I get.

Oh, there’s a white one, too.

I study your colors

Or the absence of them.

I wait, watch, and try to let you be wild.

Occasionally, you put on an old dress.

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