Healthy Tree!

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Did you know that May is mental health month? And here I am, still writing poetry like its April, which was national poetry month lol It’s all good. Anyway, I met a tree lately that lost a third of its trunk, yet THRIVES!

This one is still alive

Hard to believe, I know, its gap, its hole is the entire trunk on one side, for God’s sake.

the chasm— the chamber— the hollowed-out orifice— THE CAVITY.

I assessed the situation.

I took a picture in high res:

Dead or alive?

In a long moment of study, I followed the trunk to the branches until I saw…


Oh, my Health Hike is not in vain!

Yep, those are theirs, not the neighbors contributing to the green canopy!

Hollowed-out, Holed-out, emptied out, pulpy guts half-scooped and scraped out like a pumpkin at Halloween, readied for its state of being:

Holy Tree.

Did the park service do this?

Was there an injury that was tended to?

Did two rangers or arborists save this tree or is it a sign of Mother Nature’s resurrection?

Self-care? It is a clean wound.

The Forest’s fresh leaves,

Holy Tree,

Nourished by its buried guts, innards, insides, and rotted heart parts.

Hallow, whole-low…whose guts were the seeds

Holy, Healthy, Happy like me.

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