The Triple C Poem

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Aren’t white flouffy clouds against a Spring blue sky just THE BEST?

Was I just hungry?

I don’t know

Veggie Straws! I forgot to pack the Veggie Straws

or in this week’s case, the veggie chips.

But the animated fluff ball from children’s cartoons?

I let it out!

And it floated faaaaar away…

Poor cumulus-ness prisoner all these years.

Cloud pain, “bye-bye!” on a cloudy day.

Or day of big cloud,

Turns into grey shroud.

It’s supposed to rain but not yet.

Cloud removal is a delicate procedure

Cloud reft from my heart

Cloud which covers the heart  

Once released plays FOREVER!

Cumulus Criticism Cloud drifts over the local soccer field

Giggles as it bumps its soft self-up against other massive cotton balls of joy



Oh! It was supposed to rain…

Greyness plans to wring itself out later

some good ol’ April showers,

We’ve got the power!  

Several gorgeous sunny spring days

So go ahead, help make it rain

I had no idea how exhausted you were

Once you got out and went up there

No strings,


No strings,


All I ask is that you remember me from time to time and never truly dissipate.


And I completely understood your grey dinges today.

Everybody’s doing it.

You just want to play with other cloud kids.

Forty- eight thousand droplet years  

Forty-eight dears and a thousand fears.

Your floufiness,

Your malleability,

Your parting,

Your farting!

Reveal the big patches of blue sky and hot global warming sun

Is there anything greener that could have been done?

Of course, more, so woman, CCC, we are so indebted to you

Thank you for being you

I’ve got you, Critical Child Cloud  

No matter how deafly loud

Blue skies you frolic upon

The canvas only you can decorate


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