Glory to Ukraine! II

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Do you ever think about being homeless? Or losing a loved one in war? Or maybe these tragedies have happened to you. Please read on… 

It’s still National Poetry Month and I had a draft of a very imperfect poem this week about the tragedy that is Ukraine. I was gonna revise and edit it, like usual… but…

My fear says, no, wait!

We have to process these feelings. Everything is too raw. I am too angry, upset, sad, devastated, enraged, hopeless, powerless, hopeful, heartbroken. The words must settle.

But Russia’s war on Ukraine doesn’t wait.

No time to make poetry.

The latest this week:

5 million Ukrainian refugees having left. My state, Maryland, has an estimated population of 6 million. So, if my entire state had to leave, where would they go? Tri-state, would you take us in?

And the decimated port city of Mariupol. By the time you read this and I publish it, it may have fallen. It sounds grim. I wrote this on Thursday, 4/21. I know. This week’s blog definitely isn’t a poem.

It is National Poetry Month. In America, we are writing poems. Poetry by my definition evokes strong feelings. Uses sensory language. Full of figurative language.


Perhaps you read the news more than me.

Probably. I can’t look at the photos or read much.  

Today’s AP photo is of a refugee camp in neighboring Poland. That one is not too bad, but if you really think about the situation- i.e., no privacy, massive rooms of beds with strangers, but at least you are safe and have your own bed and you are not listening to bombs constantly.

Jesus. A country is being traumatized.

The other photo is worse.

A boy and his Dad are grieving over the coffin of his mother. He is 10, practically the age of my daughter. They are scarred for life like millions of Ukrainians.

My poem draft had a refrain of:  Land of blue sky and fertile grain: Ukraine.” I thought that was pretty good. Then I went on: My ancestors and descendants Whom I’ve never met Do they live on the east side that’s been levelled? Does it matter? “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please consider reading and donating whatever money or time that you can afford to the following ORGANIZATIONS THAT PROVIDE ASSISTANCE. There are many out there.

  1. The International Red Cross/ Switzerland Division specifically Ukraine focused at:

2. Voices of Children. They are focused on refugees with children, especially mental health needs 24/7. 3. The U.N. Refugee Agency provided emergency assistance to families in Ukraine.

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