The Nuclear Mug

#napowrimo #susanstrasser #susanstrasserblog #amwriting

glowing orange blobs against its murky, dark, seaweed-green background remind me of a fish tank that needs cleaning

the blobs are poppies in a dreary spring

and a black lattice?

Poppy wounds.

It is the ‘70s.

Or are they neon orange blood bursts?

True to their sordid past?

Little nuclear moons

apocalyptic night…

What do these ephemeral blooms do?

“We would test positive for drugs right now.”

Black stemmed blossoms haunt me

Pretend to sit so innocuously alongside the dough rolling board and the next blob of SUGAR



In my nightmare, coffee

nuclear glow bombs everywhere 

Aliens which landed on the corner began leveling our neighborhood knew the first order of business was to take it:

Seize the power!

No more artificial crystals with which to craze us:

The microwave was coming!

Coffee insanity.

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