“All Aboard!!!”

The adventure of 2022 is moving, full steam ahead!

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warning: spoiler alert if you never saw The Polar Express

I miss the Christmas Spirit which was embodied for me particularly in The Polar Express. The local theatre was doing a Christmas Eve day showing, and the animation was magnificent on the big screen. The theme of it is to believe, and of course, and as every adult knows (and older kids may suspect) that they’re talking about a lot more than Santa.

When the boy steps out of his house in the middle of the night and sees the massive Polar Express train and the conductor asks him, “Well, are you getting on or not?”

He hesitates.

“It says here, no letter to Santa this year and that your sister had to put out the milk and cookies. Sounds like a pivotal year for you, huh?” the conductor asks the boy.

The boy is around 9 or 10 years old, and knows rumors of Santa Claus not being real. He gets on, of course, and has the journey of a lifetime: he meets Santa at the North Pole, gets a jingle bell as a present from his actual sleigh, and believes again.

How easy, right?!


Anyone who has seen the film knows that the terrain that train has to cross and how brave the children, conductor, and crew are, know that holding onto your beliefs is difficult. Especially after the Christmas season.

How easy is it to spout off a ‘bah humbug’ any time of year? Or ruin a kid’s belief in magic and fantasy? Or any of us to hold onto our dreams and believe?


Just like the boy squinting sideways at a massive locomotive in his front yard.

“Well, are you going to get on or not?” the conductor says.

Well, I know for me, 2022 is sure not starting out the way I thought it would, but my answer is still a resounding yes.

All aboard!!!

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