Am I the only one who overeats that delicious fatty stuffing in the holiday bird?

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Being a recovering compulsive overeater gets me to reflect on the meaning of the word stuffing at the holiday table; stuffing. I mean, think about it. You’re making dinner. It’s as if someone along the way was like: just in case my guests don’t like the rest of the meal, bread always fills them up! Oh, yeah, let’s cut up the bread— add in some seasoning— and then, put it inside a raw turkey! We’ll bake it all up together, and voila!

“Voila,” my ass. Not only does it stuff that oven-roasted turkey, but it also stuffs me because I cannot resist the taste. Post-holiday dinner, I am bloated and feel disgusting.

I freely admit it: I eat pumpkin pie for the whipped cream and turkey for some stuffing.

But what exactly am I stuffing down?

We had a speaker lately at a 12 step meeting who said that whenever we find ourselves obsessively and compulsively using something outside of ourselves to numb pain, that we need to be aware of that. look at that situation, and see what we can do.

I am not a turkey or a chicken.

So why did I stuff myself with stuffing?

What is it about bread cubes, chopped celery, and onions fried in a stick of butter, poultry seasoning, and sage, when roasted inside a bird, making me crazy? Is it like what was said in that Julie/Julia movie years ago? With enough butter, anything is good?

Like a lot of us adults are aware, eating too many carbohydrates can make us feel sluggish…especially that white bread that is commonly used in my old-fashioned stuffing recipe. It gives me a rush while I’m eating it, then I “crash” afterward. My normal, healthy, well-balanced dinner plate of 1/3 carbs, 1/3 proteins, and 1/3 vegetables gets out of balance! I cannot resist, despite years of program and regular abstinence, the allure of those golden, seasoned bread cubes. I know a tablespoon or two — not heaping!— is all I “should” eat, but somehow I wind up putting 3 or 4 tablespoons on my plate.

Does anyone else have a family recipe that’s too good? My whole life I’ve enjoyed or thought that I’ve enjoyed annually indulging in this tantalizing stuffing, but I’m re-evaluating the costs of indulgences, especially when it comes to food.

Our step one in program says to admit that we are powerless over food and that our lives are unmanageable.

Last year, my recovery helped me get away from the annual turkey and trimmings because my healthy self knows better.

There are so many other things to indulge in or “treat” myself to that are not food-related… may we all choose more of those in 2022!

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