Yoga with Liam

#sons #susanstrasser #susanstrasserblog #amwriting

Ever had a 7-year-old, high-energy kid do a yoga pose with you?

You came downstairs late Sunday morning to hang out,

Bored no doubt.

I was doing pigeon pose

You were game lol

So, I showed you how to bend your leg like a wing

It’s a wing but only on one side I said

And of course, like any flexible, active 7-year-old, you mastered it quickly,

The other leg straight out behind you, the lean and stretch forward

You held it and stayed still for several minutes alongside me

“Good job, buddy! You got it.”

Later, I sneaked peaks at you,

My little son doing pigeon with me,

Biceps and triceps the size of my wrists.

At first, you did not catch me as I marveled at your 50-lb. self

I reflected on the chill music and the possibilities

I adored and admired

My son.

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