My Wedding Proposal

On October 21st, my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Here is the night he proposed…

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Ben and I had moved in together at the end of 2004. At Christmas 2005, when he gave me a tiny present which resembled a jewelry box, he said, “no, its not a ring.” We both knew that we were getting close to planning a wedding and getting married, just not quite yet…

Instead, the Christmas present had been a beautiful pair of diamond-stud earrings. Meanwhile, we were going ring shopping off and on, learning that there are more styles to engagement rings than I ever knew possible.

A month later, we were planning to get together with friends, and he explicitly said, “Not February 4th!” practically yelling it. It was funny and so obvious. So, this would be the night!

He planned a nice dinner for us, obviously with a reservation. Remember those? lol

I was very ready to be proposed to, as I was 32 years old, and harboring various versions of the Cinderella/Disney princess a la “…someday my prince will come…” mindset and melody. I remember stopping by a friend’s house earlier and telling her that I knew that tonight was the night, and she asked, “Aren’t you nervous?”

“No,” I said. I’d been waiting for him. I was ready. He was ready. Let’s do this!

I do remember spending a little extra time on my outfit that night, ultimately choosing one of my nicer sweaters and making sure that my hair was as perfectly imperfect as it could be. I knew we’d take photographs. I knew we were going to a nice place. Sure enough, we were going to Firestone’s!

Firestone’s is pretty much a Frederick institution. It is a two-story restaurant and bar with a beautiful interior and gourmet food. Ben had reserved us a prime window table, dead center, with a small bouquet of my favorite colors on it! My man can romance!

I’m pretty sure we ordered either a calamari or crab dip appetizer (our favorites) and an amazing surf and/or turf entrees. We made small talk. Who knows about what? Not missing a beat, he’d also planned this night because it was Frederick’s annual Fire and Ice night, where ice sculptors line the streets with their creations. But unfortunately, it was raining, so we wound up not walking around for that. He tried, though!

After our drinks were refreshed and dinner plates taken away, the moment came. There was a pregnant, awkward, exciting pause before Ben announced to me, “I’m going to do this the old fashioned way.”

This was really happening!

My Prince Charming, in his bold, cerulean blue, button down shirt and grey and green tie, which made his hazel eyes sparkle… got down on one knee right there on the hardwood floors of Firestone’s. I heard a woman’s voice behind me whisper, He’s proposing!

“Susan, will you marry me?” as he flipped open the little navy velvet box. There was my favorite engagement ring! One large diamond in the middle, two little ones on the side.


And he slipped it on my left ring finger. And all the tables around us clapped. I smiled and held up my hand. Ben and I hugged and kissed.

“I knew it!” I told him.

He smiled.

And we ordered a decadent chocolate mouse pistachio cake slice with chocolate syrup drizzled on it. We split it, I got coffee to go with it, of course, and we watched the rain.


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