Never Forget

The 20th anniversary of 9-11 is tomorrow.

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When I was in middle school, my Baby Boomer teachers said that everyone that she grew up with knew where they were when Kennedy was shot.

“Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” she said that they would ask each other.

It intrigued me.

Like American history that had been reinforced by my Silent Generation parents, such as D-Day and Pearl Harbor Day and even “Armistice Day.”

What’s Armistice Day?

I’d ask them.

After a year or two I learned it was the old name for Veterans Day, which originally was called Remembrance or Armistice Day because it marked the end of World War I.

As a Generation X’er and history lover, my parents and all adults’ knowledge and recall on the Kennedy question was fascinating.

“Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” she said people asked each other. Ironically, I cannot remember my teacher’s answer. But that is not the point. It was a tragic moment that united Americans. My interpretation was that when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, it marred our country’s morale. (It seems like the assassinations five years later of both his brother then Martin Luther King, Jr., equally decimated our psyche)

And as Gen X’er, this is what 9-11 is for me. A tragic moment that unites Americans. I remember America before, during and after Tuesday, September 11, 2001. But what’s interesting is that people would probably need to be at least 30 years old now to remember it! Hard to believe.

The terrorist attacks that I thought would never happen, happened here in the United States of America, and I am grateful and honored to remember the thousand of brave souls who died in New York City, NY; Shanksville, PA; and Washington, D.C.

May we never forget.

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