Been productive lately?

Or better yet, how do you approach life? The other day, I attended a cool workshop for INFPs. (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Prospective personality types) with my buddies Amanda and Jas. Enjoy!

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I, myself, am an INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging personality type,) but I didn’t hold it against them lol! Introverts fundamentally address the world the same way: bottom line, we need recharge time.

Curious? Try the personality type test yourself at

I have found it very useful to approach the world having a better understanding of how I myself operate.

Anyway, Amanda Linehan, author of Productivity for INFPs and Jas Hothi, curator for the INF Club hosted, and though I admit I was a little skeptical, ultimately, I walked away with several things to think about.

One, “The Pull”: what am I being drawn to? Can I honor that intuitive thought or feeling? Often, it’s a nudge to speak up and say something kind to a family member. Or it could be that I’ve learned, as a writer, I don’t feel right if I don’t write every weekday morning. It doesn’t matter a whole lot what it is, it just is.

Also that following these pulls are new and tiring. As much as I can, grab a few minutes to myself to regroup. It could be a prayer or stepping outside.

Two: “A goal keeps you walking in the right direction, it doesn’t dictate every step on your path.” Now this is challenging for this “sentinel” personality as we INFJs are often described! While I thrive on a lot of order and stability (the “J”, judging), this is where I temper it with my “F”(feeling) for deep compassion and empathy. Knowing where I want to go in my personal or professional life is a gift, but I want to enjoy the journey… not a grueling, exhausting race.

This is tough for me with my self-imposed deadlines. I wanted “it” done yesterday! But as much gentleness as I can incorporate into my life, the better.

Third, the concept of unreachable goals beguiled me, but I still feel its worth mentioning. I don’t have to have all the answers today, do I? Amanda said that Unreachable Goals are flexible goals to move you along towards an end, but to be honest I am unsure how literally or not literally to take the term. I’m a recovering black-and-white thinker! I’m working on it. I think this suggestion is more for the INFPs.

Common slogans such as “thinking outside the box” or “work smarter, not harder” are common, but a workshop that address my personality type is not.

Thanks, Jas and Amanda!


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