All Who Wander

Ever get a nudge to not clean your plate or go see what that thing is in your yard or talk to that person?

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Alice Walker once said: “The more I wonder, the more I love.”

I would change it to: “The more I wander, the more I love.”

You know that bumper sticker, “All who wander are not lost.” Definitely. I look. I wait. I go where intuition leads me.

Two examples of extended family and friends trips prove this.

Once, my cousin George taught me.

I was at my Uncle’s wake (his Dad), and George and I just happened to sit together. I don’t think I ever had a one-on-one conversation with George in my life. We had both found recovery. I told him about the spirituality within my 12 step programs working for me. He said he had some experience in them as well. He said, yes, it works for some people, but he had moved on more towards organized religion. The love and understanding between us, two cousins who had no idea that we were both in recovery until then, made me feel really connected to our extended family.

Years later at my Dad’s wake, I wandered over to a woman who I noticed attended his funeral mass by herself. She sat off by herself. She was small, but dressed nicely, and had presence. I made my way over to her in the same hall there at St. Mary’s in Patton that I had years ago for my Uncle’s funeral.

I introduced myself.

I couldn’t believe it! She was Ruth Lang, of the Langs, that I’d heard of for many years. She told me two stories that I never knew. One, that it was her husband who had built our brick fireplace in our finished basement that we celebrated every one of my childhood Christmases around. And two, when my Dad and my Uncle were children, her mother— this is in the 1930s and 1940s, mind you, and Ruth Lang’s mother already had a dozen children of her own!— would babysit them, too. The third detail that I’d been told once but forgotten was the fascinating tale of the Langs moving to the city or the suburbs near us, but then, in middle age, moving back to little old Patton, PA! That’s right— they migrated to the D.C. suburbs with us, lived on our street there in Prince George’s County, MD, and then said, “hell no,” and returned home.

Intuition has led to many insightful conversations such as these in my lifetime.

And these tidbits and memories value to me as a memoirist? Priceless!

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