Yuh-Jung Youn

Did you watch any of the post-ceremony Oscar interviews? The diverse and intimate awards show reflected in winners’ responses. Good Morning America’s (GMA) Lara Spencer mined true Oscar gold from winner Yuh-Jung Youn.

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GMA to Yuh-Jung Youn: “To be recognized here in the United States, how is that for you?”

“I don’t know how to describe yet; maybe tomorrow or about a week later…”- MINARI star Yuh-Jung Youn, for Best Supporting Actress.

As a freelancer myself, I have a deep appreciation for actors, other writers, photographers, artists, consultants, small business owners, the self-employed… who risk themselves on projects not knowing what the outcomes will be.

As I slowly, correctly typed out Ms. Youn’s name above, I am reminded of the fact that a year ago, I was wowed by another fantastic, Korean story entitled Parasite. I learned that its director was Bong Joon Ho who engineered stunning performances from actors such as Kang-ho Song. It won four Oscars, and was a fabulous, chilling tale that just happened to be the first movie ever to have subtitles and win for Best Picture… NOT Best International Feature. (Yes, Parasite was “in there” with all the usual Caucasian fare!)

This year, Ms. Youn says that she cannot begin to process this honor; that is what caught my attention. How often am I at a loss for words in the moment, but in hindsight, realize something’s true value?

How would it be to live in the Eastern hemisphere, know about and possibly admire the United States in the West, and, in your 70s, achieve the greatest honor your craft bestows? I might be speechless as well.

How would it be to live your life, perfect your craft for decades, score the Grandmother role in MINARI, and then be internationally recognized for your achievement?

The glass ceiling of both age and culture that Youn broke is important, as is the overall diversity of the Oscars themselves this year. I love seeing this glimpse of her personality perhaps as a fellow introvert and part of fantastic story that was MINARI.

Hats off to both the Academy “Oscar” Awards who voted for her and the production team for this year’s ceremony! Keep it coming!

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