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Why do I think I’m not a “good enough” human being or “good enough” writer? Jae Hermann says that a lot of it has to do with our inner dialogues and something called Imposter Syndrome. Read on to see my results of doing her suggested exercise of writing a letter to myself… to forgive myself.

Dear Me,

Part 1: Forgiving Myself

I know that you’re upset about two things particularly that did not go the way you wanted in 2020. So I wanted to point out to you the things that you are doing well. And thank you for them!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! 

One, the strength training in a gym. Who knew that this would be an issue? I didn’t. I couldn’t. And you had to stick to your truth, and you did, Sus! Even though it was tough, you did. Nuts! You will get back to it and try again. I need to take it gently, slowly, and NOT during a pandemic. Anyway, you’re doing yoga. That’s great! Yup. I always love your willingness or “dogged perseverance” as Beverly called it the other day. A year ago I was doing NO exercise regularly. So this is progress.

Second, let’s forgive ourselves for not knowing how long it takes to write a good book, shall we? You did not know. I really thought that the second manuscript was the bomb, but turns out that indeed, the third time’s the charm! And this is the best writing that I’ve done, ever. I chuckled at myself yesterday thinking that I literally could hand an editor something that hadn’t been spell checked. THAT was one of dozens of things that my Life Coach and Developmental Editor have taught me… OMG. That’s how big the learning curve has been. Three months of rewriting and I’m about half done. I think. This upcoming religious content might explode. Will see. One of my newest mantras is: Let’s see how I feel… Or let’s see how it goes…

So ( I love “So”) it is okay that exercise and book writing have not turned out to be the fast track we planned, okay? I love you.

Part 2: Wins, Accomplishments, and Best Qualities

  • Blog! Last week’s was great! I love how you pour yourself into them, and can complete them in a couple of hours versus a couple of days! GO ME! 
  • Book! It’s coming along. Slow and sure.
  • Being healthy. Eating well and drinking a ton of water. 
  • Being a good human being, and always looking for ways to improve.
  • Doing good service by going to many meetings and sharing.
  • Learning and rocking SAHM life. Whoa! In COVID.
  • Getting up at 5:30 IS OKAY!   : – )

Part 3: My Own Homemade Positive Affirmations for Myself

Do your best.

Get up early most days of the week to do yoga or write.  

Make some mistakes. 

Keep going to 12 step meetings.

Be open to new sources of spiritual upliftment and writing networking.

Keep an open mind and heart. 

Leave a room when necessary.

Find a way to have fun daily.



Thank you, me, for all you’ve tried, try, and will try. Did I say that I love our willingness yet? Well, I do. I do. Have a great day. love, me.

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