Memoir Update: Feelings, Wants, and Wills

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Are you a writer? Ever need a prompt to get those creative juices flowing? Well, my friend Jae at has suggestions… start with what you’re feeling, longing for, and how you envision accomplishing what you desire. So I did this exercise about my memoirs-in-progress.

I FEEL pain. My hand hurts from writing my memoirs for five hours yesterday. Writer’s Cramp! I got tested for carpal tunnel syndrome this summer, so I know its not that, so perhaps arthritis? Who cares? Feel the burn! Write, write, write!!!

I WANT to be validated for this work with book sales. Duh! several hundred dollars? Several thousand dollars? Several tens of thousands of dollars? Now we’re talking! Universe, I’m open!

I WILL write today like I do every afternoon on my memoirs, six days a week. I will “suit up and show up” as is said (and I’m proud to say that I am fully dressed, even as a temporary stay-at-home-Mom in Covid)

I WILL write for at least an hour a half when I write this afternoon. I will do my best. I will type, revise, copy and paste, correct, type, repeat. And…

I WILL write my best damn third draft of my memoirs that God wills, One Day At A Time. One Hour At A Time. Peace!

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