Gratitude List

Did you know that the original Thanksgiving was not a peaceful feast between Native Americans and Europeans? But let’s keep the holiday as a family gathering. How about gratitude lists and gratitude letters instead? Happy November!

#attitudeofgratitude #susanstrasser #susanstrasserblog #amwriting

  1. My kids’ giggles. After being each other’s real playmates daily over 7 months now, they still crack each other up when they play.
  2. The peace and quiet of a late autumn sunset on new Standard Time.
  3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
  4. That Halloween is over.
  5. That I can see at least one chore staring at me from across the room and not stopping this to do that.
  6. Going cold turkey on one of my chat groups today. I needed a break.
  7. That my gym modified my exercises for me today.
  8. Horse-oply.
  9. Therapists.
  10. Now.

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