Part 5 of 5: A Short Letter To You


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Dear Blog Reader,

So here I am, a year out from those poems I posted a year ago. And again, my kids and I just had the rakes out, and I’ve got my coffee mug in front of me. A few little things have not changed.

Am I blessed? Of course. I’m alive and healthy, as are my husband, kids, neighbors, and friends. We are so fortunate. Over 225,000 Americans were not and have died in the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

And I have so many things to be grateful for… I definitely feel a theme coming on for November.

But seriously, I know my blog readership is small and I want to thank you for being part of my rookie year as I learned to take my writing seriously.

This year, I have hired a Life Coach to guide me through blogging and book revision. I have joined the Frederick Writers’ Salon and am a regular member. Thank God for Zoom! I have booked my first copy editor for the 1st of the year. I have joined two online writing and publishing Facebook groups and actively participate.

And this week, I did my first reading of an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript, Growing Up in the 80s. I had 5-7 minutes to show Frederick, MD what I created, what my Higher Power and I made, and I am so proud. I look forward to continue to sharing my talents with you in the future.

Thank you!


Susan Strasser,

Blogger & Memoirist

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