Star Wars Coziness

…and Infinite Coziness 

Most perfect Family Movie Night ever? How about 8 of them, watching a Star Wars movie a week? The Ewok said: Jub, jub! Mm, mm! Yah! Yuah!

My son was cracking up. Hell, we all were.

Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie mostly because of these teddy bears. I was so happy that my kids loved these critters, and the movie, as my husband and I do. 

When that first little brown furry guy decides that Carrie Fisher is alright… His jumpiness. Hinting at the evil he’d seen in his forest. When the entire Ewok village discovers the crew- Luke, Han, C3PO, R2D2- they are not all friendly at first, but once Luke makes 3PO fly, all’s well. 

What did surprise me at my first full sit down of Jedi in YEARS— I’m talking over 10 here, as we’ve never sat down and watched the full thing as a family— was the duration of the Endor and Ewok parts. The introduction of the crew to the Ewoks, and then the major battle at the end— sound the battle horns!!!— is almost half the movie. 

What I love, and what most non die-hard Sci Fi viewers like me is the coziness and warmth of the Ewoks and their village. It’s complete contrast with the technology of all the space galactic battles, star fighters, and austerity of the Empire. Ewoks are cavemen and cave women teddy bears…note the tiny adorable Ewok babies in some of the Ewoks’ arms!

But my ultimate favorite parts of the Ewok/Endor scenes? Nighttimes.

Not too long after the movie was released in 1983, it became widely known that Endor was set in the Redwood forests of California. The Ewoks live in these adorable tree houses high up on these mammoth tree trunks, and their homes are as snuggly, cozy, and warm as any hobbit’s. 

Particularly the night scenes. 

After the first battle with the Empire, there is celebration in Endor’s treetops with music, fires, and reverie. 3PO storytells with sound effects, the plot of A New Hope. It’s adorable to be part of the audience with the critters as he retells, and you realize he’s name dropping Han and Luke and the Millennium Falcon and hilarious imitations of Darth Vader and spaceships exploding… regaling the furry crowd with tales of the crew’s adventures. You are part of the crowd with the transfixed Ewoks and their large glassy, warm eyes.

But what I really have to write about today is a supreme level of infinite coziness that I felt at movie’s end that I’d never experienced before. As any Star Wars fan knows, A New Hope, Empire, and Jedi have had a few scenes spliced in to make them all flow together with the prequels. This changes these movies we saw as kids. 

  1.  The celebrations- across -the -galaxy scene when the Empire had finally been defeated at the end of Jedi. Oooh! What were these doing at the end of Jedi? These didn’t belong! (or so I originally thought) 

But having recently watched #1-5, in order, every week, without interruption… now,  I loved it! 

There were all the crazy, magical, often tyrannical planets and worlds that the crew had grown up on, visited, lived on, fought on… and it made sense. Perfect sense. 

The wonderfully cozy, warm-and-fuzzy end scene, again, in the high-in-the-sky Ewok tree village after the Empire had been defeated, the only place that we, the viewer really needed more than a quick glimpse of celebration…. Han, Leia, Luke, R2D2, 3PO…. Knowing smiles of contentment from human being to human being, funny droid and Ewok sounds of happiness …

  1.  The apparition of Yoda, Anakin, and Obi Wan that only Luke sees. AIGH! Not a hit with me originally, either.

But now? Perfect sense. The movie is called Return of the Jedi lol!

Yes, my kids loved it and we told our daycare and before school friends about it this morning.

First, there was my daughter’s drop off at before school care, where we just blurted out how we enjoyed the Star Wars movie a lot last night and some about the Ewoks, etc. My daughter called it the Last Jedi. 

My son enjoyed our reverie so much he asked as we walked up to his preschool if we could tell the Y about seeing Star Wars #6, too. I said of course.

My daughter has this ritual at her school where Monday morning they do something called Community. It sounds a little touchy-feely, so I’m very interested, but I forget to ask her about so many things including this. But I wonder if Return of the Jedi made “the cut” when it came to her turn in Community to talk about her weekend. 

Who knows.

I know we enjoyed it, and it was indeed another perfect family night.  We have created our infinite coziness in our dark living room of a movie theater. We’ve shared some of our all-time favorite movies of the universe with them. 

As cozy as a damn Ewok village! Hell yeah!   

And that, yes, Return of the Jedi is still my favorite Star Wars movie ever. 

May the force be with us.

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